Q01. What do the staff wear?

Our staff all wear Black & whites (White shirts, black pants/skirt & black shoes.) our chefs wear white chefs jacket with black pants & shoes.

Q02.Can a waitress or bar staff reheat food?

Our wait/bar staff & kitchen hands can all do basic reheating & plating off foods

Q03. Do your staff travel outside Brisbane?

Yes our staff travel all over south east Queensland, Northern NSW. For special events we can even fly staff all over Queensland. We have had customers from as far away as Singapore, so we’re sure we can accommodate your needs.

Q04. How do I know the staff I order will turn up?

We have been supplying staff for since 2007 & in this time we have never had any of our staff not show to an event and only on a few occasions has a staff member ever been late. (This includes the floods of 2011 & 2013)

In the event a staff member didn’t show to an event, we would do everything in our power to get another person to your event as soon as possible & a full refund would be given for the absent staff.

Q05.How can I trust your company?

Invisions Staffing has been operating since 2007, we simply wouldn’t survive if we didn’t keep promises we make.

Q06.Can I hire party equipment without staff?

Yes. Anyone can hire any of our products that you would like to make your party a success.

Q07.I have had a cheaper quote for staff, do you price match?

No we do not price match for staff. We hire the best staff we can find and guarantee our reliability. By only supplying the very best staff we sometimes cannot compete with other companies that supply non- English speaking or in experienced staff. Some companies will even take bookings for events & then try to find staff to fill their bookings. We only book our own staff this is why we can guarantee staff arriving.

Q08.Do your staff do nude or topless?

No our staff are & stay fully dressed. There are other companies that can supply this kind of service a simple Google search will find them.

Q09. Do you have Flare Bartenders (Trick Bartenders)?

Sorry but due to insurance we do not do flare bartending. Bartenders performing tricks are not covered by insurance & our staff are forbidden from doing any type of flare

Q10. Can you deliver & pick up at a specified day & time?

In order to keep delivery costs down we try & do several deliveries at a time however if you require a specified day & time we can arrange this however this may include an extra charge.

Q11. Can your staff stay longer if required?

Our staff will stay longer if required however sometimes they have other commitments so cannot stay after the booked time. If you think you may need the staff longer simply book extra time when booking & if you don’t require the staff to stay for the fully booked time, you can finish them and then you will receive a refund of any unused time over 4 hours from us.

Q12. When will you deliver?

We normally deliver Friday and collect on the Monday for weekend events & for mid-week parties delivery days are by arrangement. For special deliveries & collections outside of normal delivery day’s additional delivery charges may occur.

Q13. Do I need to be home when you deliver?

No-one needs to be home when we deliver however we must have access to a secure place to leave your hired products. Once we deliver the products are YOUR responsibility.

Q14. How long will the Illuminated furniture last?

All of our furniture will last at least 6 hours however most will last 8 to 12 hours or more. Once the batteries start lasting 6 hours we replace them to ensure our furniture Illuminates for your entire event.


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